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Heal your relationship
with food

Women Returning to Wholeness

Do You Eat When You’re Stressed, Worried, or Bored?

Do you often wish you had more “willpower” when it comes food?

Food can be soothing…

When you’re feeling lonely, misunderstood, or unloved you just want to feel better. Anxiety, depression, sadness or low self-esteem can be overwhelming and suck you into a downward spiral.North Vancouver Disordered Eating counsellor helps you heal your relationship with food

This can leave you  feeling powerless and empty with just one thought on your mind…how can I make this go away… how can I get off this hamster wheel… so you turn to food.

But emotional eating is a double-edged sword.

On one hand your eating makes you feel better… but only for a little while…

because it doesn’t take long and you start beating yourself up. Soon your mind is racing with criticism:

What’s wrong with me?” “I’m such a failure!” “I’m always going to be “fat.” “I just want to hide!”

Now you find yourself feeling guilty, ashamed or hopeless.

Beverly’s Healing Journey: Overcoming Depression and an Emotional Eating Disorder

I came to Ina for healing because I was very depressed and felt totally out of control of my eating habits.  She has been a real lifesaver.

When I first came to Ina for counselling I could barely get myself out of bed and to work each day. In fact I was calling in sick more and more often.  I was really scared that I would ruin my whole career because of feeling so depressedI also had been slowly gaining weight and feeling less and less attractive, less and less worthwhile. The worse I felt, the more junk food I craved… it was a vicious cycle. With Ina’s guidance I was able to understand that my depression was actually linked to emotional eating.

Ina helped me understand how feeling bad about myself and being depressed was connected to the emptiness I always felt in my belly. Under her guidance, I discovered that I wasn’t craving food but to be loved and appreciated. My hunger was about self-love and self-esteem.

As I started to open up and share my fears and anxieties with Ina, I noticed my depression was lessening.  Being able to really trust someone is so important to me and Ina has a special way of helping me feel safe, supported and never judged.

Ina has counselled me for over a year now and I am no longer feeling depressed. With my growing awareness of my emotional eating issues I’ve started to look at food differently and have finally lost some weight.  Sometimes I ‘fall off the wagon’ but now I can usually recognize what I’m feeling by what is actually going on in my body. I can stop myself from bingeing.  I’m grateful to Ina for her wisdom and support.  Finally I’m starting to feel in control of my life again.
Beverly M., Vancouver

It’s easy to get trapped into thinking that you could be happy if only you were slim and had control over your disordered eating.

The “dilemma” with food addiction is, you’re a human being… you have to eat to survive. Furthermore, there are temptations and invitations to eat seemingly everywhere… especially when you are trying not to…

Before you know it, dieting, obsessing, weighing, binge-ing and overeating become your way of doing life. You get locked into an uncontrollable cycle.

So… how can you escape the clutches of the diet mindset and be free from disordered eating? How can you beat your food addiction?

You already know that diets don’t work….usually there’s no permanent weight loss or help with how to cope when you’re feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

Do you want to stop bingeing and emotional eating?

Heal your inner goddess and email eating disorder therapist Ina Stockhausen or call me at 778 558 8207 to set up a free 20 min phone or Skype  info session where we can discuss how I can help you.

I would like to offer you my emotional eating food addiction counselling expertise and passion as well as my years of experience in the arena of Food Addictions and Addictions.

  • Identify how you can respond in a healthy way when you get triggered
  • Take back your power by practicing how to set boundaries – with food and your environment
  • Reprogram damaging coping mechanisms you learned in your family of origin
  • Step into your power so you can say NO before you get overwhelmed and lose the connection to yourself
  • Develop constructive behaviours, motivations and habits
  • Boost your self-esteem and love your body
  • Break the connection between your relationship problems and your emotional eating
  • Take steps to heal past trauma and abuse that you may have experienced
  • Substitute old negative tapes running in your head with positive, empowering self-talk
  • Discover your personal new antidote to stress and anxiety
  • Acquire tools to manage “moments of crisis” and prevent relapses

My specialized holistic approach to eating disorder therapy will teach you specific body-mind skills that will allow you to be present, grounded, balanced AND connected to your body in your daily life.

By healing your addictive and compulsive behaviours, you give yourself the chance to live your life’s purpose.

There is hope! You CAN recover and heal from emotional eating!

Release yourself from your disordered eating and diet prison today!

Can you imagine what a relief it will be, to finally enjoy food and eating without stress?

You will have more time and energy to dedicate to loving relationships, healthy connections, your creativity, your dreams and your personal evolution. So why wait?

Call Burnaby emotional eating therapist and North Vancouver food addictions counselor Ina Stockhausen at 778 558 8207  now or email me at to schedule a complimentary, 20 min phone or Skype-consultation with no commitment required.

For general inquiries regarding my fees, services, or appointments, please email me at

Counselling – Therapy Services for Depression, anxiety and emotional eating with Ina Stockhausen, M.T.C.

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Burnaby Emotional Eating Therapist and North Vancouver Food Addictions Counselor Ina Stockhausen helps women facing disordered eating issues. 


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