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Ease stress and anxiety

Women Returning to Wholeness

Do you feel stressed and anxious?

Are you feeling stuck and unhappy?

Over the years of helping women with stress, depression, and anxiety counselling, I have noticed certain commonalities that women struggle with:

  • the need to try and make everybody you care about happy
  • a sense of responsibility for the well being of others
  • internalized negative self-talk
  • feeling hopeless or powerless because positive change is short lived

 Stress and anxiety can affect your whole life because it affects your feelings, your thoughts, your behavior and body. This can often feel like this:

  • You worry a lot, are irritable and can’t relax
  • The worst case scenario is always only a thought away
  • You get “feedback” about being a perfectionist or being controlling
  • You carry a lot of tension in your body, often feel exhausted, shaky or have headaches
  • You dread or avoid situations which make you feel anxious or stressed
  • You feel burned out and tired or empty
  • You are turning to food, shopping, overexercising or other ways to try and cope

Anxiety and stress counselling can help you understand the underlying causes of your anxiety. As a certified somatic psychotherapist I use a mind/body approach which will help you increase your awareness and self-understanding so you can identify your triggers. Most importantly however I will help you develop practical tools that work for you so you can reduce  stress and anxiety and feel in charge of your life again.

Whether you’re longing to feel more carefree, energized and good about yourself or whether you’re hoping to have more joy, love and intimacy and connection in your life, you can do it!

Connecting body, mind and spirit, I will accompany you on the healing journey of revealing your inner goddess. Becoming who you really are stands for a life of self-acceptance and serenity. It means enjoying vitality, greater happiness, empowerment and mindfulness.

Contact Burnaby and North Vancouver stress and anxiety counselor Ina Stockhausen at 778 558 8207  or email to schedule a complimentary 20 min phone or Skype-consultation and let’s discuss how I can support you.

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