Returning to wholeness

Women Returning to Wholeness

My Philosophy and approach

Research shows that positive change and healing can happen most effectively and fully when we consider the human being as a whole.

heal shame, insecurity and low self-esteem with counselling for anxiety, depression, intimacy for womenIt is when we address all the levels of your existence, your mind, your body, your emotions and your spirit that you can connect to your Core Self.

The Core Self is the place in you that contains your inner voice, your truth and your authenticity.

When you are connected to your inner wisdom and your true self, you tap into a consistent source of internal support and stability. From this place, you can live your life with a sense of self-worth, expansion and well-being.

For our counselling work together, that means we will not just talk about or analyze a problem you need support with, but we will take a look at how this is affecting all of you.

How are you being affected mentally and emotionally?

Often, clients complain of feeling dissatisfied, empty and hollow even though on the surface their life is “going well”

You may have a job, a family, friends, and money, and yet you don’t feel seen or heard and feel more and more disconnected from your Soul.

In our work together, you will be able to change your story. You will no longer be a prisoner of old, distorted and limiting ideas you learned about yourself in the past.

Instead, you will have the opportunity to build an authentic, coherent interior narrative that reflects who you are today and who you want to become. This empowers you to change how you view and react in the world, especially in relationships.

You will be able to move from living your life the way “you think you should” so others approve and love you, to living your life connected to what is true and right for you.

Once we know what you are feeling and thinking we want to take a look at:

How is your problem manifesting in your body?

Your body tells a story with how you breathe, what kind of tension you carry and how you connect with energy.

narrative therapy can help you change your beliefs and old storiesCurrent scientific research in the field of psychobiology has shown that feelings from our past are stored in the body and unconsciously impact how we feel and how we behave.

When you are confronted with a stressful situation or your mind thinks thoughts that bring up anxiety, frustration, anger, fear or sadness, your body responds with tension.

Tension blocks the flow of energy and prevents you from feeling good.

Have you noticed that sometimes you are so used to having a tight area in your body, that it has pretty much become a part of you and how you feel?

Maybe you are used to having stiff shoulders and neck when you are stressed. For some, this constant tension actually impacts their posture and how they carry themselves. You may have seen people with a barrel chest or with permanently hunched shoulders.

This is a typical result of tension becoming what is called a “holding pattern.” Holding patterns not only block the energy in your body, they become storage areas for your feelings of grief or anger, anxiety or depression.

It’s hard to feel joyful in a body that is all stiff and tired and heavy.

In our work together, I will gently guide you to bring awareness to these areas.

By using breath and the body as a gateway you will not only release the muscle tension. Because your mind and body are completely interconnected, you will be able to successfully let go of long-standing negative thinking patterns.

This process will allow your body to expand, making space physically and emotionally to connect with your vitality and feelings of joy and well-being.

Furthermore, with increased awareness, your self-esteem will grow.

return to wholeness with integrative body psychotherapy and spiritual counsellingFrom this place of authenticity and connection to your inner voice, you will be able to become who you really are.





Heal anxiety, low self-esteem, body image issues, trauma, with counselling and relationship therapy for women.

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